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Extra packs

With the DbToolsBundle, we chose to have a decentralized approach, we don't want the base code to become to big. The bundle comes with a short list of common purpose anonymizers and we won't add too specific ones to it.

Instead we added the possibility to create and include extra packs of anonymizers.

If you can't find what you need with anonymizers provided by the core, look at these packs.


And if you can't find it with them either, then it's may be time to create your own ones, and may be to share them with the community!

Here is a list of official packs:

Pack fr-FR

A pack of anonymizers for fr-FR locale.

composer require dbtoolsbundle/pack-fr-fr
  • fr-fr.address: Same as address from core but with a sample of 500 dumb french addresses
  • fr-fr.firstname: Anonymize with a random french first names from a sample of ~500 items
  • fr-fr.lastname: Anonymize with a random french last names from a sample of ~500 items
  • Anonymize french telephone numbers, (only option is mode: mobile or landline


All official packs are weekly tested, see all pack status on the DbToolsBundle/packs-status repository


These packs can be provided by the DbToolsbundle team or by the community. Look for more of them on github.

Released under the MIT License.