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Development guide

You want to add some code to the DbToolsBundle, here is some help !

Getting sources

The most convient way to develop on this bundle is to do it from an existing project.

  1. Reinstall the bundle keeping Git metadata: composer install --prefer-source
  2. Work directly in vendor/makinacorpus/db-tools-bundle: cd vendor/makinacorpus/db-tools-bundle
  3. Create a new branch: git checkout -b my_patch
  4. When your code is ready, fork the project and add your Git remote: git remote add <your-name><your-name>/core.git
  5. You can now push your code and open your Pull Request: git push <your-name> my_patch

Devs tools

Before submitting a PR, always ensure that Coding Standards are respected and run the Static Analysis. The DbToolsBundle helps you doing that with the script.

This tool comes with a complete docker stack to help you developing, to start to use it:

# build the docker stack
./ build
# then, start it
./ up

From here, you can either:

# checks coding standards and launch static analysis
./ checks

# launch phpunit tests with several database vendors and versions
./ test_all

# or launch phpunit test for a single database vendors
./ test

When you finish to develop, stop the stack with:

./ down

To learn more about script, launch:


Released under the MIT License.